Letters to the Editor

Focus off in District 4

It’s always interesting to read the letters to the editor to see what voters consider to be the major issues in a campaign. far, the folks in the 4th District supervisor race seem to be concerned with (1) whether not “hobo” is a pejorative term and (2) whether not Caren Ray is going single-handedly dismantle Proposition 13. It’s doubtful that Lynn Compton’s supporters intended to disparage anyone when they picked a theme for their fundraiser, and it’s unfortunate that some people don’t know that amending Proposition 13 can only be done by the voters in a statewide election.

What is disconcerting is that there has been little if any discussion regarding the major issues facing South County: water, oil trains going to the refinery, affordable housing, dust from the dunes, etc.

I am hopeful that future letters will avoid (1) making a big deal out of relatively inconsequential “gotcha” moments and (2) making comments that are factually incorrect. Rather, let’s all focus on debating those issues that will have a significant impact on our communities.