Letters to the Editor

No on Measure H

As concerned citizens of Pismo Beach, it is difficult to support Measure H regarding Price Canyon. Whether we support development in Price Canyon or not, is irrelevant to our posture on Measure H. We are concerned that the process of carefully considering any development in Price Canyon should be guided by Pismo Beach’s elected officials and our residents, not a ballot measure driven by members of a small committee who think they are saving Price Canyon.

More importantly, Pismo Beach citizens must insist on local control and guidance by their elected officials. Measure H is a poorly written attempt to push development away from Pismo Beach control. It is overwhelmingly negative, and could set dangerous precedents toward establishing regulations that would discourage any property owners from considering forward-thinking planning and or annexation into Pismo Beach, as delineated in our General Plan.

Should Measure H pass, it will eliminate all infrastructure controls currently held by the city of Pismo Beach, and will drive development to the county level.

Please join us in voting “no” on Measure H — preserving local control of the future of Price Canyon.