Letters to the Editor

Where is leadership?

Where is the leadership in San Luis Obispo County in the current and ongoing water crisis? New vineyards are being planted. New homes and resort hotels are being granted permits. People who can afford to drill new and deep wells are being allowed to do so. The water they tap and use is depleting the groundwater held in common.

What are our leaders thinking? This drought is not going away. Even if we have a rain-productive El Niño next year (and those chances look less and less likely), the dried-out aquifers will continue to be a problem for years.

The pandering to the vintners and commercial interests might generate short-term tax dollars, but when our guests cannot take a shower or flush the toilets, they will not return to spend again.

We need leaders who take firm action that is of benefit to all San Luis Obispo County residents, not just the wealthy and commercial interests.