Letters to the Editor

2 big Poly projects

Recently, at the public forum regarding the Cal Poly dorm placement, the university and President Jeffrey Armstrong insisted that Grand Avenue was the only available and appropriate site for its location.

Yet, at the same time, they made no mention of the fact that they were conducting a feasibility study on placing a huge hotel/convention center on the campus. Is this their idea of being open and transparent?

Some would say there is no correlation; I disagree. Any master plan of vision would have included both of these placements because of the time frame. A large hotel center could destroy the whole symmetry and balance of the campus and even affect the ambience of the town.

Also, at the present time I don’t think the beginnings of a hospitality program should be in the mix or on the radar. Better they focus on graduating the current students in fewer than five years.

I have no horse in this race, as I live in the Edna Valley and have no connection to the university. I am only a taxpayer making observations.