Letters to the Editor

Free Palestine now

The action that Hamas is once again taking against Israel is, of course reprehensible, however there is little left that Gaza can do, enclosed as they are in this frightening gulag.

The Israeli bombings of hospitals, schools, mosques, homes and a rehab center for the disabled and the hundreds of children who have been killed, all against an imprisoned population with nowhere to hide, should still be deciding factors for the United States to play an even stronger and much more convincing role.

There should also be a very strong reassessment of the Israeli settlement policy in the West Bank and the encirclement of Gaza, a policy universally condemned and a strong reason for the actions taken by Hamas.

The United States, as the sole superpower, the key bankroller of the Israeli military, and the unconditional defender of Israel in international forums, bears a deep responsibility for what had happened and now looks like is beginning once again.

It is our job as citizens to force our politicians to do the right thing and compel Israel to end its occupation — free Palestine.