Letters to the Editor

Nix plan for Poly hotel

OK, here we go again: Cal Poly is once again considering competing with our local businesses (be they entirely local or franchises) by the construction of a hotel, conference center, etc.

As the former owner of Sycamore Mineral Springs, I would like to suggest that the hospitality students on their campus find internships at one of the many hotels in the county — owners such as Rob Rossi, John King, Noreen Martin and many others are very pro Cal Poly, and I am sure would hire students (we did) — and they could learn all aspects of the industry without having Poly build a competitive hotel.

Yes, another hotel is not going to impact all the hotels of the county, but certainly those in the city of San Luis will be impacted.

I can almost “hear” the gentle persuasion of the administration to have students’ parents stay “there” — just as with the new dorms they propose to build where some of the neighborhoods protested loudly and with good arguments.

Let’s nix this before it starts; let them talk to a meeting of all current hotel owners and see how they can have a collaboration with current businesses without competing.