Letters to the Editor

Rules for resources

Having spent my childhood in the U.K. all through World War II, when the air raid sirens sounded almost every night, I witnessed the devastation. Apparently nothing has changed.

I, too, am appalled by the loss of life in Gaza. When this is all over and the world comes to the rescue of the people in Gaza, there should be stipulations as to how resources are used!

Europe was rescued after World War II by the Marshall Plan.

The way the money was used by Germany and Japan was controlled. They were forbidden to spend the money on re-arming. Consequently, those two nations recovered quickly.

The same conditions have to be made in Gaza.

The money has to be used not to buy more rockets and build more tunnels, but to repair damage and build schools and hospitals. The borders have to be open to trade so the people of Gaza can grow an economy.

The people also have to be taught to love, not hate, and to stop fighting over religious beliefs.