Letters to the Editor

Put Americans first

Why are modern immigrants different than our ancestors? When my ancestors came, they were expected to take care of themselves and not rely on the taxpayers to foot the bill. There was no free medical, no free food, no housing subsidy. You were expected to learn English; the government did not spend billions printing material in foreign languages. When you landed at Ellis Island, you were screened for disease to protect U.S. citizens.

My grandparents were not illegal. Please don’t tell me what the Statue of Liberty says, because before we take care of the world, we should be sure we can take care of our own. There are millions of Americans who are tired, hungry and poor. Many of our own children don’t have medical coverage and go to bed hungry.

Many United States citizens are out of work. Our government has forgotten the American citizen — you know, the guy who foots the bills. President Barack Obama asked for billions just to take care of the current situation at our border. I would like those billions going to Americans, not illegals.