Letters to the Editor

Lakes should wait

It seems that the group of brainiacs who want to refill Atascadero Lake all suffer from the “wouldn’t it be nice” syndrome. It would be great if all our dry lakes were refilled to be enjoyed, but someone once said, “Desperate situations call for desperate measures” — or close to that. That applies here.

If water is actually available to pump into the dry lake, wouldn’t it be a less selfish choice to see where that water could go to a good cause, such as helping those who are struggling with the water situation? In North County, we have wells going dry, and dead and dying yards and as far as I can see; these and other similar situations should be addressed first. Laguna Lake is so dry there is a treasure hunt going on. Nacimiento is struggling, and lakes south of us such as Cachuma are suffering the same fate. We are all in some way guilty of thinking water availability was eternal. Now here we are learning the hard way that it is not and must be saved, rationed and not used for trivial pleasures.