Letters to the Editor

Flight from airports

I share the pain of Cathy Kitcho (“Plane madness,” Aug. 7). Commuter flights are no longer viable to us small-town dwellers, now that they are deemed low priority (read low-profit) by our airline industry.

In recent years, I have had several trips ruined by canceled/delayed flights from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco. Unlike in the good old days, these commuter flights are no longer reliable. I spoke to United Airlines staff at the airport after one such incident and was told candidly that normally only the very first flights of the day can be counted on and that I should check the on-time rating of a flight before booking.

I subsequently switched to flying out of Santa Maria instead. Alas, just recently the number of commuter flights between SMX and LAX has been severely curtailed, so flying out of SMX has also become impractical.

My last resort: Central Coast Shuttle goes between SMX and LAX. I am not looking forward to the four-hour ride, but it seems that we no longer have a choice.

And, on reflection, it is perhaps a blessing not to have to worry about having a long-planned trip spoiled on the first or last leg of flights.