Letters to the Editor

Holy fools on land

Regarding the “Holy Land” claimed by Christians, Muslims and Jews:

The delusional and psychotic idolatry of the geographical area these monotheists designate the “Holy Land” has converted it into a slaughterhouse killing floor, slimy with blood and stinking with splattered guts. They are locked in a vicious, sadomasochistic orgy, each worshipping the false idol of monotheistic/tribal/geographic entitlement founded on ethnic and religious bigotry.

Their fetishism of the “Holy Land” exposes the vacuity of their devotion and perversion of their purported religious tenets. They are trapped in a snare of their own making. The more avariciousness they sow, the more depravity they reap.

There is no such thing or place as any “Holy Land.” No part of the world or universe is more sacred than any other. Any deity worthy of worship would infuse its holiness in every part of the entire creation.

However, casting judgment on the deity’s relative geographical distribution is tantamount to blasphemy, i.e., assuming the power to judge where the deity is manifest.

Once the religiously insane’s claim to sacred monopoly over parts of the so-called “Holy Land” is relinquished, the opportunity for peaceful coexistence and productive cooperation will emerge.

If not, the pathological slaughter will continue.