Letters to the Editor

Focus on the local

I am a native of San Luis Obispo County and have lived here since elementary school. I now appreciate many of the vibrant downtowns and the fact this area isn’t overbuilt with shopping centers.

After studying sociology and applying at several retail stores, my opinion has changed on retail stores. Most retail stores pay less than what you deserve, cut out benefits and try to pay college graduates a high school kid’s average wage. My best jobs have been at small local businesses. I think shopping at local businesses is good because it means more money goes back into the local economy. This county needs to cut back on adding retail stores and focus on adding white-collar jobs for recent graduates.

I think this county needs to focus on creating more white-collar jobs and push for more workforce housing. If things keep going the way they are, SLO County will force out locals and be a “rich getaway escape” for Bay Area and SoCal residents.