Letters to the Editor

Plane madness

The runway construction at the San Francisco airport is making it nearly impossible to make connections through SLO.

On July 16, we were scheduled to fly through LAX and connect to the East Coast. When we got to the SLO airport at 7 a.m., the first three flights were delayed (one to LAX and two to SFO). Even though our flight was to LAX, our plane was stuck at SFO. At SLO, there were 100 people at the ticket counters getting rerouted and only two gate agents; what a zoo.

We missed our original connection to the East Coast; two airports later, we finally made it to our destination 10 hours late — at 2:30 a.m. the next day.

It’s maddening that we not only have to pay extra to fly out of SLO, but we also end up at the bottom of the priority list to fly into larger airports, meaning we miss our connections (and I’d guess 95 percent of people flying out of SLO are making connections).

I don’t know what we local residents can do. Fly out of Santa Barbara instead? Drive to LAX? Sheesh.

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