Letters to the Editor

Hung up on cable

I finally had enough of Charter. Paying for digital boxes in every room was the last straw. My service was marginal at best, with frequent interruptions in picture and sound and Internet access that ranged from fast to snail speed. I complained enough; I had to switch.

Living in Atascadero, the choices are few. I tried DirecTV once and was not satisfied. Now, I am with Dish Network.

The whole experience has been a nightmare. The telecommunications industry is a racket; the free market does not work without competition. Fast-talking salesmen, promotions, freebies and add-on charges made my head spin. All I want is basic TV, a local news station and PBS. If I got reception, I would use an antenna. But I don’t. I am afraid to open my bill but am stuck for at least a year.

I write this waiting for the cable guy to show up to finish the installation. It has taken a month to complete the switchover. I wish I could say I will never do it again, but memory will fade, and it will repeat. Maybe by then we can all have fast, free Internet and basic TV for the price of a few commercials.