Letters to the Editor

The price of peace

I could hold off no longer about the soppy wishful thinking that Mothers for Peace hold dear. As a mother — over 80 years old — with four children, ex-military wife and son in the Marines, I know even the generals hope for peace, believe it or not. Who doesn’t, for goodness sake? But praying, poetry gatherings and protests, although perhaps giving some comfort to adherents, just don’t cut it.

If President Truman hadn’t made the difficult decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, my family probably wouldn’t be here now. My husband was preparing for the invasion of Japan, after slogging through the South Pacific, and it would have been a bloodbath if the invasion had to take place.

Most of the Japanese generals would not surrender, so the second bomb had to be dropped, as horrible as it was. Historians say that thousands of lives were saved — Americans and Japanese.

Our country helped that nation regain position and respect. The American Way. Go study history, as it’s never too late to learn.