Letters to the Editor

Live up to Liberty

My grandparents were teenagers when they came to this country from Eastern Europe in 1906. They arrived on a boat, unannounced, with no paperwork of any kind. They were processed at Ellis Island, given work permits and told to go find a job.

More than 12 million immigrants came here during that era the same way. They helped build this country. That’s why I cringe when I see Americans pounding on buses filled with children, demanding they leave this country. Why are they different than our ancestors? My grandparents were not considered criminals. No one waved signs and shouted for the boats they were on to turn around. Thanks goodness for that.

To end this problem, I think we should raise immigration quotas. Border crossings would be drastically reduced, we would gain control of the immigration process and we wouldn’t have to waste billions on fences that don’t work anyway.

Most Americans alive today are descendants of immigrants who came to a country that proudly stated: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to breathe free.”

Let’s live up to those words that are inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. Give these kids the same chance my grandparents had.