Letters to the Editor

Not ‘propaganda’

In your article detailing the terrifying threat of the terrorist tunnels dug into Israel by Hamas (“Terror in the Tunnels,” Aug. 3), you printed the following:

“The military in recent days has distributed photographs of tunnels that troops uncovered, and videos of them placing explosives inside and blowing some up. As part of the propaganda push, the military has also invited a few journalists underground for a tour.”

The use of the term “propaganda” in this context is not only incorrect, it is morally offensive. Propaganda is a derogatory term, implying that the information is biased or misleading. How is sharing photographs or videos of tunnels, or allowing journalists to tour the tunnels, biased or misleading?

Some members of the press, including Ms. Rudoren of The New York Times, the article’s author, use such prejudicial terms in supposedly objective news stories in order to discredit Israel unfairly.

Their misguided bias against Israel overlooks that Israel has always sought to live in peace and friendship with its neighbors, while Hamas has always clearly stated that it seeks the total destruction of Israel and the death of Jews. The Tribune should be more careful in its choice of articles to run.