Letters to the Editor

History test needed

I have often heard politicians and media pundits use the phrase “American exceptionalism” when talking about past and present actions by the people of this nation.

I totally agree that we have an exceptional people living in an exceptional land with an exceptional form of government. We also “enjoy” exceptionally ignorant and arrogant politicians.

It is my belief that anybody aspiring to go to Washington to govern and/or legislate should be required to pass a proficiency test in world history, covering at least 500 years.

Remember “The Decider?” If you think he made the decision to invade Iraq, think again. The decision was made by an exceptional group of ignorant and arrogant politicians who knew nothing about world history, especially the history of the Middle East.

Many of these “exceptional Americans” would like to go back to “I Love Lucy” times and elect John Wayne president. Good luck with that!