Letters to the Editor

Watch out for deer

My husband and I came upon the hideous sight of a small fawn, having been hit by a car and struggling to stand. Neither the driver nor any other cars stopped.

Although a 35 mph zone, most drivers far exceeded the speed limit. Numerous cars raced past, but no one stopped. It was quickly apparent the fawn was severely wounded and would not survive. Its eyes were fixated on us both, and sadly, the fear and pain it were experiencing was heartbreaking. My husband calmly stroked his neck and spoke softly while I tried to call someone who could humanly put the fawn out of misery.

Nearby, the doe was pacing frantically and making a chilling distress call. I kept hoping the fawn would die quickly; however, he was not that fortunate. The helpless feeling you have hearing the process of death of an innocent animal is haunting.

Why didn’t the driver stop? What was the big hurry? So much time and effort is given each fawn by the mother, and life is taken away in seconds. It is imperative that drivers slow down; when you see one deer, you can almost guarantee there will be others.