Letters to the Editor

Powerful electorate

How can people say there’s no good news? After all, Congress is in recess, and that’s certainly something to celebrate. Sure, it’ll be another five weeks when they won’t do anything, but at least we won’t have to listen to their posturing as they try to explain how voting 50-plus times to repeal the Affordable Care Act and how suing the president will help Americans, or how shutting down the government was such a good idea.

Meanwhile, we can be happy that the economy is getting better, despite Congress’ lack of any substantive legislation to help. Here on the Central Coast, new homes are being built and employment numbers are better than they were.

We can’t have everything, of course. Congresspeople will still get paid during their do-nothing recess, but heck, they got paid in their do-nothing session. If a contractor cheats me, I can go after his license. If my physician or dentist is guilty of malpractice, he could lose their license. The license we give members of Congress is ours to take away too, when we vote them out. It’s time to go after their license for not giving a damn about us.