Letters to the Editor

Protect yourself

America opens her arms to the Ebola virus, (“First Ebola patient arrives in Atlanta,” Aug. 3). Experts say that the virus can only be spread through close contact. This has been met with more than a modicum of skepticism from laymen (you and I).

Our heroic African health care workers have been handed back to us, delivered in a triple-airlocked private jet. The health care workers, a doctor and a nurse, were wrapped in what appears to be saran wrap tents. Upon arrival they, accompanied by handlers in space suits, were whisked away to a nearby hospital’s isolation ward.

Our government assures us that it is safe for us to fly packed like sardines into a jetliner. Go to theaters, use public restrooms, public pools, etc. Being a skeptic myself, due to our government’s proclivity to lie; I would suggest donning a self-contained space suit before engaging in any of the aforementioned activities.