Letters to the Editor

Too much new planting

Bravo to Cathie Wilson for her letter, “Choose: wine or water” (July 15). She stated what so many people are feeling right now. I drove through the same area to avoid the Cattle Drive traffic and was astonished and saddened to see hundreds of young irrigated vines on acreage formerly used for grazing.

En route to Neal Springs, I drove from my very dry area east of the city limits, over Geneseo Road, and noticed dried properties, trees and plants burnt as if a blow torch had moved through. Many homes had “for sale” signs, and some “dry well” signs were visible as well.

When so many are losing their properties, and others are doing all they can to cut back during this severe drought, it seems counterproductive for our county to continue to allow rampant expansion of hundreds of acres of nonessential irrigated crops.

Letters sent and phone calls made questioning what is going on are routinely met with, “Our hands are tied,” or “They filed intent to plant years ago.”

What happened to the “moratorium”?

Many landowners involved in these plantings live elsewhere and simply move on if their wells dry up.

How sad that the rest of us do not have that luxury.