Letters to the Editor

Sports coverage suffers

I enjoyed reading Joe Flint’s article regarding the Time Warner Cable dispute with pay-TV providers (July 31). Since I have moved to the Central Coast, the sports coverage of one of the most heralded rivalries in sports, the Giants and Dodgers, is nonexistent because of this protracted dispute. I am also concerned about the arbitrary dividing line between coverage of NorCal and SoCal sports. We live halfway in between and should be able to choose which teams we want to see. I am willing to pay to see NorCal sports, but cannot without having to pay for the entire package for the NFL, NHL and MLB networks. Thus, the Federal Communications Commission forces us to get around the system using a satellite box from another area or utilizing a Slingbox. You would think that pay-TV providers would want additional revenue from those of us willing to pay for their services, rather than losing out on new customers.