Letters to the Editor

Court justices flunk

The Supreme Court has flunked Constitution 101 twice in one week. They can’t be blamed. They are, after all, a bunch of political hacks whose primary qualifications are their allegiance to the political agenda of the president who appointed them. It is a shame that the drafters of the great document failed to foresee the innate failure of the method of selecting members of the august body charged with the responsibility to ensure that the Constitution and the laws of the land are upheld.

In one short week, the court has trampled the rights of individual liberty and the principle of state sovereignty. In doing so, it has greased the skids for the United States’ slide into a government-controlled, unsustainable, socialized entitlement state that must ultimately fail of its own weight.

We have one last chance in November. The choice is between a government-dominated welfare state and a freeenterprise economy based upon individual liberty and states’ rights to run states’ business. What was that great saying of Patrick Henry? “Give me Liberty or —.”