Letters to the Editor

Do nothing, just sue

Donald Hirt (“Making a Declaration,” July 30) believes that if alive today, our founding fathers would declare President Obama “a tyrant, unfit to rule free people” because of his “lies and oath of office violations.”

I believe Hirt refers to the president’s signing of executive orders that bypass Congress, specifically, his executive action to delay the employer mandate of the Affordable Care Act for one year.

Delays implementing complex programs often occur, as George W. Bush realized when he had to extend the enrollment period for his drug program in 2006.

In his six years, Obama has issued only 183 executive orders. Compare that to Bush’s 291 in eight years and Ronald Reagan’s 381.

The president has had to resort to issuing executive orders because of Republicans’ obstructionism. They’ve denied his every proposal. They filibustered 112 bills in 2007-08 alone, blocked 375 bills passed by the Democratic majority and have refused an “up” or “down” vote on high level appointments.

More than one-fourth of Cabinet positions re main vacant, as well as ambassador and judge positions.

Now, this do-nothing Congress voted to sue the president, a stunt to rally the Obama-haters before the midterms. Hopefully, it will backfire.