Letters to the Editor

Act now on climate

Climate change is central in the discussions Gov. Jerry Brown is having with Mexican officials (“Jerry Brown addresses education, energy, immigration in Mexico,” July 29) on his current trip. He’s been strong in enforcing the California Global Warming Solutions Act (AB 32), which places limits on major polluters.

While I am one of Gov. Brown’s critics on fracking, I applaud his efforts to link the West’s drought to global warming and to meet with scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change to be better informed on climate impacts. He sees the urgency of getting the word out on climate change: “That is why California is not acting alone. We’ve already signed agreements with Washington and Oregon, British Columbia [and] China to seek the same kinds of agreements to work on collaborative efforts to reduce the generation of heattrapping gasses.”

Gov. Brown has also been strong in calling out the climate change deniers in Congress, demanding substantive greenhouse reduction legislation such as a revenueneutral carbon fee and dividend. A recent Regional Economic Models Inc. report makes clear that a carbon fee and dividend is a win for the economy and the environment.

Longer droughts, acidified oceans and melting ice caps makes it imperative that we act now.