Letters to the Editor

The real aggressor

It is truly amazing people believe Israel is an aggressor. Maps show that she’s an infinitesimally tiny nation totally surrounded by thousands-of-times-larger countries. She does, of course, defend herself when attacked, as any country would.

Hamas receives endless funding from Arab nations — and the United States — which it uses for weapons, adult and child military training and propaganda. Hamas uses schools, mosques and hospitals as its military bases, then literally pushes its women and children into the retaliatory line of fire, taking pictures of the resulting devastation for the distribution to the media. Palestinian families of dead suicide terrorists are rewarded as much as $5,000.

The Arab nations hate Israel with a passion that is passed down through careful brainwashing.

The poor Palestinians are victims of their anti-Semitic oil-rich neighbors who could lift them out of poverty and ignorance with an instant reversal of tactics.

Israel wants to be left alone. Look at a map.