Letters to the Editor

What would U.S. do?

In response to “Time to say stop” (Letters, July 23): Consider these facts: Palestinians live in peace only in Israel. In 2005, Israel gave Palestine the Gaza Strip — people left homes and lives they had built. Since then, 11,000 rockets have been fired into Israel. Should Israel do nothing? What would the United States do?

The United States sends $3 billion to Israel in aid each year. A large portion of it comes back in trade to the United States. So far this year, the United States has sent $5 billion to Hamas. Prior years, it has been as much as $32 billion. How much of that has come back to the United States in trade? How much is spent on building rockets to destroy Israel? Why do you advocate to cease sending funds to Israel and not to Hamas?

Israel has built the most sophisticated defense system to defend its citizens. In contrast, after being warned to leave the Gaza Strip because of fighting, women and children are sent to schools to die to show that Israel cares nothing for innocent civilians.

When a cease-fire is reached, who will be the first one to fire the first rocket?