Letters to the Editor

Gang causes

As gangs and immigration occupy a large amount of today’s print, I thought I’d offer a few comments.

No, I’m not coming out in support of “gangs” in their state of pursuing violence and public disorder. My message lies in the understanding of why we have gangs.

Ask yourselves why gangs flourish. If we could eliminate the violence, a more palatable picture appears. Gang activity gains strength among young men who have social needs that may not have been met in their everyday walk through life: family structure, companionship, recognition, education and selfesteem are just a few examples. So recognized, we must look at what can be done to divert interests in gang membership. A look at the candidacy list may prove worthwhile.

Now, look at the immigration mess. Government is inviting thousands of uneducated people into our already financially strapped country under the veil of “humanitarianism” without a whisper of a planned assimilation policy. I’m afraid the natural flow will lead many people to the depths of gangland and become a burden on our society. Aside from preaching that these unfortunate people will benefit or improve our society, government has offered no plan that assures such a path. There may be none.