Letters to the Editor

Precarious overpass

Having grandchildren with animals at the Mid-State Fair this year, we found that we had to attend the events quite early in the day, which necessitated finding a spot to park rather than taking a shuttle in.

We found a place to park fairly close but had to walk over the overpass on 24th Street and then down along the side of the fairgrounds to enter at the back entrance by the livestock barns.

We were saddened to find such a narrow and precarious walkway. Very little was paved, and most was a makeshift walkway with a sharp drop-off.

Paso Robles has done a wonderful job of beautifying so much of the city, but this area was certainly lacking.

It is a spot that is heavily used during fair time as well as other events and should certainly garner some attention from the city and the fair board. It is unsightly, unsafe and extremely walker unfriendly at the present time.

Please take a look and help make our fair a more pleasing place to visit.