Letters to the Editor

Remake West Mall

While I’m glad that Grigger Jones called Lon Allan out (“Lon Allan is wrong,” July 25) for saying that “Atascadero is bad for business” (July 21), I disagree with Mr. Jones’ statement that our city “presents a unique opportunity to attract business.”

It could be doing so much more.

I strongly urge Mr. Jones and Mr. Allan, and anyone else who might help, to put their heads together and urge our city’s leaders to remake West Mall opposite the Sunken Garden.

Does anyone believe that Paso Robles’ downtown would be anywhere as vibrant as it is if the south side of 12th Street, facing its park, was a string of medical and dental offices?

Now, consider if the north side of West Mall was peppered with interesting shops, bistros, wine bars and galleries.

There is plenty of vacant office space suitable for medical/dental practices along El Camino and Morro Road west of the freeway. Our leaders need to come up with a plan to incentivize the current West Mall tenants to relocate.

After all, those leaders found a way to take a major traffic mitigation off Wal-Mart’s plate. How about putting similar effort, and dollars, into the very heart of Atascadero?