Letters to the Editor

Unfair water use

Am I the only one who is more than a little perturbed when Paso Robles is busy adding 850-plus hotel rooms, new street-scaping and parks, while the city fathers ask residents to tear out their lawns and carry buckets of water from their showers to water gardens?

On top of that, they hire troops of snoops to make sure residents aren’t watering on non-watering days and ask residents to rat on each other. Meanwhile, a certain downtown hotel sees fit to tear up its parking lot to add new landscaping. The rural residents really get the shaft. In order to build a new house now, one must spend nearly $7,000 on top of already ridiculously high permit fees to upgrade someone else’s water-guzzling toilets and shower heads. How can the Paso Robles groundwater basin ever reach Severity Level I when the city of Paso Robles is bleeding us dry?