Letters to the Editor

Cooperation is key

It is understandable how there are differing opinions and perspectives dependent upon the camp you come from regarding the historical events that resulted in the division of the Holy Land and the present conflict. However, Israel is not going away and she has the obligation of protecting her citizens (1.7 million are Israeli-Arabs) from kidnappings, suicide bombings and constant daily rocket bombardments.

Hamas’ aggressive retribution has become a self-imposed destruction and torment of its own people that is lapped up by the media but garners little sympathy from its Arab brethren nations.

Losers don’t win. Jews and Arabs are biological cousins who have a history of living for centuries in harmony and prosperity together. Cooperation is the key to solving this conflict. If Hamas refuses to relinquish its mission to destroy Israel, it will only lead to its own suicide.

However you see it, there is no way of going back 66 years and changing the past.