Letters to the Editor

Israel’s history

Craig Dingman’s letter of July 19 is an astonishing display of historical ignorance in asserting: “Israel’s retributive actions over the past 66 years toward the people it stole its land from has proven to be spectacularly inept policy.”

As I’ve said in the past, had the Arabs accepted the United Nations’ 1947 partition plan, they could be celebrating their 65th anniversary of peace. Instead, they invaded the new state of Israel. Of course, despite the Israeli “inept policy” claimed by Dingman, the Arabs failed then and at every attempt since.

The Arab follow-up to utter failure has been decades of rejecting honest peace offers, suicide bombings, kidnappings, murders and the launching of tens of thousands of rockets into Israel, most recently from Gaza, which, incidentally, Israel turned over to the Palestinians years ago.

How this factual history translates into the Israeli “pogrom” (i.e., organized massacre) Dingman tells us the Palestinians suffer escapes me. I’m left wondering: Is this simple ignorance of the facts or an ideological state of mind unchangeable by facts?

It’s a mystery.