Letters to the Editor

Staid commentary

As a parent of three former AYSO soccer players, I have some familiarity with the game of soccer. The final game between Germany and Argentina was truly exciting. What was not exciting was the staid and unimaginative British commentators who appeared more like spectators in a living room rather than describing and explaining the game.

It would have been extremely helpful and informative for them to have preceded the game by explaining the overall rules of the game, such as yellow card/red card, time frames, penalty kicks, etc.

Instead, the listeners heard, “We’re in a deep, deep hole; get us out of it,” “no signs of an insurrection yet,” “a traumatized nation,” “divine rather than a dodgy football team.”

The time clock in the upper left-hand corner of the screen was barely readable.

Give me Vince Scully and Chris Berman for baseball and football commentaries. I enjoyed the baseball All-Star Game much more!