Letters to the Editor

Review Huasna plan

Mr. Parker, a Bakersfield resident, knows that his proposed project will be so disturbing to the neighbors that he’ll pay for them to move out? Is this an acceptable standard for new projects in this county?

I’m bugged by the fact that the oil rights owners of this project are the same as those suing San Luis Obispo County for billions of dollars because they didn’t get their way in the Huasna Valley. The 2nd District Court of Appeals will have more to say about the lawsuit by early August. (Editor's note: The ruling was issued Thursday.)

As concerned residents, we should be doing everything we can to make sure this project is subject to our highest standard of environmental review — why not? The risks to the Alamo Creek watershed include unacceptable road access; noise so loud that neighbors will have to move; and the potential for oil spillage into the Alamo Creek, Twitchell Reservoir, existing agriculture and private property; not to mention excessive water usage, fire risk to neighbors, the region and a National Forest.

By the way, Mr. Parker, your proposed project is not “smack dab in the middle” of a 4,000-acre-ranch — the closest drilling pad to the Alamo Creek is only yards away from the neighbor’s property line.