Letters to the Editor

Lon Allan is wrong

In response to Lon Allan’s opinion piece about doing business in Atascadero, we should not be reactive to the headline “Atascadero is bad for business.” The headline belongs to The Tribune’s headline editor, not Lon Allan; however, Lon should not be let off the hook for his criticism of Atascadero’s business climate.

Atascadero presents a unique opportunity to attract businesses. Its population is stable, affluent and educated. Its residents live here because they have good jobs in this area, or have come here to retire and be a part of a small, vibrant community.

Walmart is one of those businesses that desires to do business in Atascadero. It has been challenged by a very small group of dissenters, who, dissatisfied with the results of their own initiative to keep Walmart out, have until recently kept Walmart from building its store.

These dissenters have cost Atascadero millions of dollars in tax revenues that could have paved our roads, fixed our parks and supported our police and fire departments.

No, Lon, Atascadero is good for businesses. With patience, you will find that Walmart will be here soon, and with it, many more businesses that are attracted to a small town that appreciates shopping opportunities.