Letters to the Editor

Get rid of one party

I can’t help but wonder about the purpose of America’s two-party system of government. Today, we have a Democrat (not democratic) president and Senate, a Republican House of Representatives and a Supreme Court with a 5-to-4 conservative voice majority.

As far as I can tell, the Democrat president and Senate majority do nothing more than bash Supreme Court, House and Senate Republicans for not agreeing to whatever it is that Democrats want.

The House and Senate Republicans reciprocate, but less effectively without a voice in the White House.

Since all of this is dysfunctional, why not dispose of one party? It doesn’t matter which, but my objective coin flip favored disposing of the Republican Party. Imagine how that might change political campaigns, campaign financing and media bias. Two hundred words are insufficient to go on, but for a short time, Americans might see and hear a glimmer of truth from politicians and journalists.