Letters to the Editor

Miscarriage of justice

Thank you for publishing the commentary by Victor Davis Hanson on July 18, “The turbulent summer of 2014.” Not only did it ring true, it also was eloquent and very much on point. Hanson spoke the feelings and thoughts of many, many Americans who have been forced to suffer under the current administration — a miscarriage of the justice promised in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

I certainly agree with each point of reference included in the commentary. When listed as they were, these acts add up to a complete disregard for not only the office of commander in chief, but also the foundation for which this country stands.

This is in no way about politics. It seems evident that both ruling parties are corrupt and self-serving. It is a factual situation that violates the fundamental rights promised to American citizens for the past 200-plus years.

Thank you, Mr. Hanson, for your insightful and brutally true commentary.