Letters to the Editor

Gangs are cancer

Gangs are no different than cancer. You must arrest growth at the first signs or you may soon be fighting a losing battle. San Luis Obispo has a public service and law enforcement sector to be proud of. You know them, you have entrusted them with protecting the public interest, and you now should follow through with them when they warn there is trouble ahead.

Citizens should join with law enforcement and keep close watch on their neighborhoods. Gangs don’t just come crashing into a community waving big banners saying, “Here I am!” It is a slow debilitation process. If you do not recognize it early on, it is too late.

Stockton is a perfect example of a city that had neither the resolve nor the economic resources to deal with clearly escalating gang activity. Today it is a war zone, and it will take far more to correct it than if the city had been more proactive in the prevention phase.