Letters to the Editor

Desalination solution

Water controversies have been going on for 30-plus years in Cambria with no solutions — only pitting the no-growth camp’s interests against the growth camp’s interests in Cambria’s “water wars” that don’t give relevant answers for the long term.

Desalination of seawater is the closest solution we have to accessing resources naturally, instead of trying to create a landscape by artificial means and disrespecting ancient California ecosystems. While we know climate change is accelerating the arid Mediterranean climate, California, in general, has always had less rainfall than the rest of the country.

Cambria is located next to the largest water source in the West: the Pacific Ocean. Accessing this water resource is expensive — no one denies that. But by comparison, the costs in dollars and suffering could be more expensive and devastating in the future without dependable, permanent solutions.

Desalination of seawater is one of the most common-sense answers to Cambria’s lack of water resources and is part of the answer to sustaining both agricultural and residential water needs.

We need to become a self-sustaining, responsible community using natural resources, not creating artificial, short-term environments that ignore weather patterns we know are native to Cambria and California.