Letters to the Editor

More Hobby hysteria

Evelyn Cole’s letter on July 9 in reaction to the Hobby Lobby decision outrageously lumps the U.S. Supreme Court together with ISIL and the Taliban, falsely claiming that the Supreme Court “wants to ban birth control.”

Her letter is yet another example of a liberal hysterically appealing to emotion and voter ignorance in an attempt to revive the “War on Women” propaganda.

The Hobby Lobby decision simply holds that the government cannot force someone to pay for a woman’s access to four abortive agents in violation of that person’s religious beliefs when the government can easily pursue a policy of giving women free access to such agents without such an egregious violation of the First Amendment protection of freedom of religion.

This principle will most likely be extended to protect Catholics such as the Little Sisters of the Poor. However, the Supreme Court did not at all weaken the Griswold (1965) and Eisenstadt (1972) decisions, which protected the right for women to have access to birth control more than 40 years ago.

Don’t liberals have any other arguments in the 2014 election cycle than blatantly misleading the public?