Letters to the Editor

Time to say stop

I would like to add my voice to that of Craig Dingman (“Fomenting Antipathy,” July 19). I have always supported a Jewish state, but I have also just as strongly supported a Palestinian state.

Palestinians have been subjected to hundreds of years of foreign occupation, betrayal, dispersion to refugee camps and now to denial of statehood. Jews have been subjected to occupation, the diaspora, pogroms and the Holocaust. Both people deserve to live in their own state in peace and security!

I think it is time to say stop to both Hamas and Israel. Every life is precious, but Hamas rockets have killed 15 people and the Israeli bombs have killed nearly 400 people.

The United States should stop all funds going to Israel except humanitarian aid until these two groups stop the violence and find ways to compromise and get a peace treaty. The U.S. and many other countries placed sanctions against South Africa’s Apartheid regime and finally brought it down. That is what we must do because Palestinians are living under Apartheid. Nothing is going to change until the United Nations says stop. We will no longer tolerate these crimes against Israel by Hamas or crimes against Gaza by Israel.