Letters to the Editor

Anti-gang efficacy

I have enjoyed the series about gangs in our county by Matt Fountain. Lots of statistics and information on taxpayer grant monies being spent.

There was also a lot of information about arrests made and prosecutions that were brought.

I seem to have missed the statistic that shows the number of successful prosecutions, where the members were actually sent to prison with a gang enhanced sentence. It also did not mention the total cost of the six members of the gang task force or the cost to the District Attorney’s Office to prosecute all gang-related cases, successful or not.

Of course people do not want to live next to individuals that are so desperate they turn to gang affiliation.

Most gang members fortunately stick out like a sore thumb in San Luis Obispo County. It would just be nice to analyze the total hard costs committed to gang eradications, versus gang-enhanced successful prosecution numbers. That at least might show the effectiveness of the current approach.