Letters to the Editor

Changing kids’ lives

The Friends of Prado Day Center would like to thank the congregations of the Christian Science Church and St. Benedict’s Episcopal Church.

Their generous donations have provided seven elementary-school-aged homeless children with various after-school and summer activities. They have sponsored before-and after-school programs for five of the children, day camp during summer and spring breaks for three of them, swim classes for two of them, and gymnastics classes for one child.

For homeless families with children, the after-school hours and summer months can be particularly challenging. In summer, the lack of regular school hours makes it harder for parents to work or seek work, and it leaves homeless children with large chunks of time with nothing to do.

Because the families’ first focus must be on providing food, shelter and other essentials, many of their children are unable to participate in extracurricular and enrichment activities throughout the year. The generosity and support of these congregations is making a big difference in the lives of these children and assists their families on a path out of homelessness.

If you or your group would like to sponsor a child, please contact Shawn Ison at sison@capslo.org.