Letters to the Editor

Doing their bidding

Joe Hugh asks (“Outrageous benefits,” July 20) who in private industry retires with such good benefits as the CHP officer with whom he was conversing.

He answers his own question: the wealthiest citizens of the country, and they often retire with much more than 90 percent of their salary. In fact, the wealth of the top 1 percent is so enormous that it would fund 90 percent of the retirement benefits for all workers in this country, public and private, with no loss of standard of living for themselves.

Why is Mr. Hugh doing the bidding of the 1 percent by denigrating what should be a basic right of everyone — that every person who works should be able to retire with nearly a full salary? If public agency retirement benefits are pretty good, then we should be working toward the same for private company benefits.

Mr. Hugh’s attitude of aiming toward the least common denominator pits one group of workers against another, which only helps the wealthy get wealthier at the further expense of everyone else.