Letters to the Editor

Upgrade campuses

This letter is in response to Bill Carley’s July 13 letter (“Cuesta maintenance”), in which he questions the validity of Cuesta College’s infrastructure repairs.

As a former student of Cuesta, I must say there are infrastructure needs at both the San Luis Obispo and Paso Robles campuses that need to be addressed. Having attended Cuesta two years ago, during what I call the education crisis, when the state was continually cutting funding, I personally participated in meetings with college leaders to decide where our limited funding was going to be prioritized. During that time, infrastructure repairs and maintenance were kept to a minimum, so funding could be prioritized to other portions of the budget where academic needs could be effectively met.

Cuesta College has successfully established an excellent foundation of education, and it is time that the infrastructure of the college matches the quality of excellence the college has created.

It is time some of the classrooms meet the 21st century and that buildings are properly maintained in order to foster the academic abilities of the college and its students. As a student and member of the community, I call on the community to support Cuesta and its quest for excellence.