Letters to the Editor

Just not natural

Laguna Lake a natural lake? Hardly! Before man-sculpted, Laguna Lake was a dense, tule-covered marsh much like Warden Lake up in the Valley. It was dredged, the peninsula created, and Prefumo Creek diverted into it.

And what “rare” plants and animals are you talking about?

Having bird-watched, conducted wildlife surveys and college classes, and walked about the lake nearly every day for the past 37 years, I am very well acquainted with the plants and wildlife there.

Rare plants?


Originally, red-legged frogs back in the 1960s were there but have since disappeared; any rare birds are visitors, and none breed in it; no rare mammals; the only rare animal is the western pond turtle.

A number of years ago, tules were starting to grow in the middle part of the lake. It was then dredged, deepening it, and the fill was put on the park’s pasture lands.

This is the third time since I’ve been here that the lake has gotten so low. The other times were in 1977, when I first came here, and then during the big drought in the 1980s.