Letters to the Editor

No more water to save

We are landlords for a single dwelling property in Grover Beach. Our renter of over 20 years is a most conscientious person and has already stopped watering the lawn (it is now dead).

All of the water prohibitions suggested are already being met and more, such as a water conserving showerhead, bricks in the toilet, no leaking faucets, showering only on days of work, no water running while brushing teeth, etc.

Our renter states that there is no possible way to conserve a further 10 percent, as all of the steps have already been taken at the beginning of the drought to conserve water. This order, in effect, will penalize only those who have taken steps to conserve water usage prior to this public notice. We have received a letter from our renter stating this, and we, as landlords, will have to pay extra if this is enforced. It has been our observation that the past times of drought, the biggest offenders are large companies, not individuals.