Letters to the Editor

Bunch of horse poop

As a resident of Cabrillo Estates, I think Ms. Nina Grossman should not be offended by the placement of dog waste bags in buckets meant for horse waste (“Poop responsibility,” July 17). Take it as a message: We are more than tired of the horse excrement left on our residential streets to be picked up by the tires on our cars and carried all the way into our garages, where the odor is less than pleasant. While the buckets are a great idea, I have yet to see any rider dismount and shovel her horse’s waste into one.

In fact, when my husband confronted a rider on our street recently (which is a very long way from the stables), she just waved and rode on. She did not return to clean up the mess, but left the pizza-sized pile for him to deal with.

There is no reason to ride a horse on a residential street not contiguous to a stable, and it is unconscionable to leave the excrement of an animal for which you are responsible for others to dispose of. Cabrillo Estates residents are angry, and we have every right to be.